Desert Locust

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Lens Color
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  • High quality polycarbonate frame and lens
  • UV Protection
  • Extra Thick and Scratch Resistant lens
  • Adjustable elastic band with protective cotton cover
  • ABSOLUTE SAFETY: The frame is designed with perfect curve to fit closely around your eyes. Double layers of sponge and rubber inside the frame is padding around eyes without any discomfort and irritation. Frame is made of PC material with strong toughness and durability, resistant to impact and piercing. Extra thick lens are make of bullet-proof material and securely protect your eyes.
  • SPECIAL DESIGN of air ventilation: Breathable sponge inside the frame is soft and comfortable, which makes you more comfortable to wear it. Using aerodynamic design, the internal air is in a circulation well, exhaust hot air from the top vent, and draw in cold air from the bottom. You won't feel muggy when wearing it.
  • ADVANTAGE: Comfortable to wear and not easy to slip off. Easy to adjust elastic band, it can be used with various helmets. Still cozily fit the face after wearing for a long time. Strong impact resistance lens and super durable frame protect eyes from any strike and hit. 180 degree surrounding your eyes and provide full protection from glare light, strong wind, dust sand and harmful UV rays.
  • APPLICATION: Widely used for outdoor activities, such as Shooting, Outdoor Riding, Motor Cycling, Climbing, and Military Tactics Combat. Applicable as racing goggles, sunglasses, motocross goggles, ATV MTB goggles, offroad goggles, dirt bike goggles, ski goggles, sport glasses, tactical combat goggles, mountain bike goggles, snowboard goggles, motorcycle goggles, snow goggles, computer game goggles.
  • HIGH DEFINITION: High quality polycarbonate lens provide high definition vision. Arc design makes greater wide sight.
  • PACKAGE OF 3: A complete pack of 3 different colors of lens and a convenient glasses bag. 3 sets of lens and the frame are packed in one bag, easy to go. Different colors of lens are suitable for different weather conditions. Yellow lenses help to distinguish snowy slopes in all weather conditions, by enhancing contrast and brightening the view, recommended for night. Silver lenses block out the lights that damage eyes in sunny days. Clear lenses provide most clear visibility, suitable for rainy days or nights.

Frame Material
Polycarbonate / Thermoplastic Polyurethanes
Lens Material
Polycarbonate Glasses
UV Light Protection
Frame Dimensions
Width 220 mm / Height 85 mm / Bridge Width 40 mm / Strap Max Length 40 mm