Cat-Fish 8934

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  • High quality polycarbonate frame and lens
  • Fog-Free lens
  • Cat-eye frame
  • PROFESSIONAL PROTECTION: Frame and lens are made of high-quality polycarbonate material. Resistant to impact and is very solid under water. Effectively protect your eyes when taking your swimming enjoyment.
  • HIGH DEFINITION: High quality polycarbonate lens provide high definition vision. Cat-eye design makes large frame and also wider sight. Fog proof and water proof layer of lens provides HD level of view under water. The internal side of glasses is still dry and clear after a period of time swimming or diving in water. No leaking with good waterproof performance both in fresh water and sea water. Wearing this goggles you can attentively enjoy the wonderful and vivid scenes in underwater world.
  • COMFORTABLE: Silicone gasket around eyes perfectly fits your face. Always keep a good and comfortable fit when your facial expressions change constantly. No water will seep into the inside of glasses. 3D gasket is made of healthy and soft material, providing comfortable and durable wearing experience.
  • ADVANTAGE: Comfortable to wear and not easy to slip off. Well-designed buckle make it easy to put goggles on or take goggles off without pulling hair. Strap is also easy to adjust and can be used with various head sizes. Extra wide strap makes the goggles cozily fit the face after wearing for a long time. One-piece durable frame and impact resistance lens protect eyes from strike and hit.
  • NEARSIGHTED LENS: Applicable with plain lens and also nearsighted lens. The following illustrates how to choose the degree of nearsighted lens. Because there is refraction in the water, underwater things are clearer. The degree of myopia lens of this goggles should be 50-100 degrees less than your measured degree. If you also have astigmatism, please add half of the astigmatism degree. For an instance, your have 500 nearsighted degree and 200 degree of astigmatism, please choose 550 degree of goggles (500 - 50 + 200 / 2).
  • GREAT GIFT in SUMMER: Designed in cool and fashion style with dazzle mirror plate lens and fine material. UV protection coating of lens reflect strong light back and block harmful UV rays away from your eyes in hot summer. This goggle is delicately packed in glasses box, and a durable and water-proof goggle case is included as well in the box. What a wonderful and attractive summer gift for men women boys girls children age 13 or older.
Frame Material
Lens Material
Polycarbonate Glasses
Ultraviolet Light Protection
Frame Dimensions
Width 170 mm / Height 38 mm / Bridge Width 17 mm / Single Len Width 65 mm