Heads-up D91

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  • FITS ALL LEVELS of PLAYERS - One size fits all ensures you can use the goggles with all levels of players.
  • LIKE THE PROS - Blocks vision of the basketball from chest down gives you the power to learn to dribble the basketball by the feel of the ball instead of looking at it.
  • EASY & COMFORTABLE - Easy to wear with adjustable elastic band. Soft flexible plastic allows you to comfortably wear the goggles.
  • DELIVERS - Increased court awareness lets you see open teammates in games.
  • HIGH PERFORMANCE - Become a better dribbler faster. Just wear the goggles for all dribbling drills & watch your skill increase quickly.
Dribble Goggles
Frame Material
Frame Dimensions
Width 170 mm / Height 50 mm / Bridge Width 20 mm / Strap Max Length 430 mm