Tyke 4822

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New Cartoon Swimming Goggles Soft Silicone Large Frame for Kids (boys & girls)

Special design of adjustable bridge, elastic strap and soft silicone frame, Tyke 4822 fits most kids of age 3 to 12, both boys and girls.

Made of high quality environmental protection silicone material, this swimming goggle is soft and skin friendly, especially friendly to children.

Comfortable to wear and not easy to slip off. Adjustable strap and bridge are suitable for various head sizes and nose sizes. Still perfectly fit the face after wearing for a long time. Strong impact resistance lens and durable frame protect eyes from strike and hit.

Designed in cartoon style with cute shape and colorful frame. Good for both outdoor and indoor swimming.

* Regular sizes, they are suitable for most kids of age 3 - 12.
* Frame style - frog, penguin, mermaid, spiderman, flamingo, crab
* Lens Color - Clear
* Frame materials - Polycarbonate
* Lens materials - Polycarbonate
* Size - Width 145 mm / Height 35 mm / Bridge Width 20 mm / Lens Width 45 mm / Strap Max Length 310 mm
* Weight Grams: 120
Great Gift for Kids

Designed in cute cartoon style with children friendly material.

Frame and lens are made of high-quality polycarbonate material. Resistant to impact and is very solid under water. Effectively protect eyes when taking swimming enjoyment.

Delicately packed in branding box with a durable and clear water-proof goggle case as well. What a wonderful and attractive summer gift for boys girls age 3 to 12.

Product instructions

  • Please tear off the protective film on the surface of swimming goggles before use.
  • Wet the lens before use to obtain the best anti fog effect.
  • In order to protect the anti fog coating inside of the goggle, plase do NOT wipe lenses with your fingers or any paper.
  • It is recommended to wipe this product with glasses cloth or dust-free cloth, or directly wash it and dry it. To prevent scratches, do not directly wipe the mirror with hands or ordinary cloth.
  • Do NOT soak it with washing powder or detergent products.
  • Do NOT pull the goggles far away from your face when have it on, so as not to hurt your eyes when the strap bounces back.
  • Please remove it immediately if you do not feel comfortable when wearing the goggles.
  • After using the goggles, please rinse them with clean fresh water and then dry them naturally.
  • The lenses have anti-UV function, but it is NOT a professional protective equipment from UV rays. Please protect your eyes from excessive ultraviolet radiation.
  • Although this goggle has anti fog function, fog may still appear after long-term use. When this happens, please put the goggles into water first, take them out after a little soaking, and shake them, and then the lenses can be cleaned again.
  • When minors use this goggle, the guardian should pay attention to assist them in wearing and taking it off.

How to wear the goggles smoothly

  • Place the goggles on your both hands. The outside of the lenses faces down. The head strap hangs under the palm of your hand.
  • Put the goggles on. The lenses cover your eyes.
  • Wrap the head strap behind your head with both hands. Move your hands away. Adjust the frame and strap to make sure it fits well.
  • To nicely take the goggles off, just put your thumbs of both hands into the head strap and take the goggles off from the back to the front.